Douglas, MI – Since 2004, Kismet Farm Bakery has been offering a variety of delicious homemade products grown just south of Douglas, in Fennville.  Established on 23 acres, Mari Terczak has been selling goods out of her little storefront on the farm, and seeing such growth that she decided to seek a larger opportunity in downtown Douglas, at 8 West Center Street.

“We’ve leased the old Center Street Bistro building (previously Chaps, previously the Auction House) in downtown Douglas, across from the Everyday People Cafe!

This is a big move for us. We are hoping the larger location will allow us to grow, and be able to be to keep our core staff working through all the year. Our existing location will be entirely for bread production, and we’ll make everything else in the big kitchen of the Douglas store. Although we may have a few special sales events at the current location, our normal sales will all move to this new location. We will be expanding our selection of meat, cheese, produce, and staples.

The new location will also have some seating inside, and an amazing back patio where you can eat and relax!  But none of this is ready yet. We have cleaning, inspections, and building & painting to do. Ideally, we want to be open before Memorial Day, but for now, keep coming to our current spot.”  Their farm is located at 1776 68th St Fennville, MI 49408.

Kismet Farm Bakery is most known for their hearth & loaf breads, hummus, spreads, and pastries.  And of course the Michigan favorite – Pasties!

For More Information on Kismet – Check out their website here. 

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  • Sue Borr


  • Julie

    Welcome & Congratulations!

  • Pat Mullin

    Congratulations! We love your bakery!!!

  • gail goldblatt

    So excited for you and for all of us patrons!! We love Kismet!, and we love Douglas already, but it will be even better now!!

  • Sarah Donovan

    Welcome to our Neighborhood.

  • Sarah Donovan

    Welcome to our Neighborhood. Looking forward to your presence in our town.

  • Megan

    Ohhh wow!!! I remember being the kids running around Sole Mio as it got ready to open and now your the one doing!!! A huge congratulations to you!

  • lisa Ross-Miller

    Looking forward to seeing the new bakery. Going to try and visit this weekend.
    Rely love those little cakes and indeed many other of your sweets. The greens make great salads also.

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