The idea is simple: participating DDA businesses are given an unassembled adirondack chair, and decorate it, or sponsor an artist to decorate it. The chairs will spend the summer in front of the business, or integrated into the curbside gardens. We think these will be a great draw to Douglas, and a fun, interactive activity.


  • We’re getting 10 chairs, made of untreated douglas fir.
  • Chairs will be provided free to businesses sponsoring a chair
  • We’ll make small plaques to be affixed (tied and hanging) for the duration of the summer with the Artist’s name, business sponsor, and a Century 21 mention.
  • Chairs shouldn’t include advertisements and should be functional to sit on, but otherwise can be decorated any way the artist likes
  • Chairs should all go out together in mid-May, in coordination with the garden planting
  • At the last summer social, we’ll auction off the chairs to raise money for this and similar projects. Chairs will need to be brought back to City Hall in preparation.
  • Sponsors working with an artist may want to provide a stipend for materials and/or time, depending on the relationship
  • Any business can sponsor, but the chairs must be on display inside the DDA district (on Center, from Blue Star to Wade’s Bayou.)

We hope for great success this year and an even larger project next year – there are certainly many possibilities!

If you are interested in sponsoring a chair, please email